Reported Decisions
Reported Appellate Decisions
Mr. Grover has ten reported decisions in the federal circuit courts of appeal for the Ninth and Fourth Circuits, and in the court of appeals or state supreme courts in Oregon, Nevada and California.
Some of these decisions include:
MacDonald v. United States
 [4th Cir. 1976] 531 F. 2d 196, rev’d 435 U. S. 850 [1978]
The Fourth Circuit opinion in this case dismissed the original indictment of Jeffrey MacDonald, the defendant in the “Green Beret” murder case. Based on new DNA evidence, Jeffrey MacDonald has a new motion for new trial pending before the District Court in 2007.
State v. Anderson
[1986] 81 Or App 510, 725 P. 2d 1297, aff’d 304 Or. 139 [1987]; following Nelson v. Lane County, 79 Or App 753, 720 P. 2d 1291 (1986), aff'd 304 Or 97 [1987].
Anderson was one of three cases, decided simultaneously, holding DUII roadblocks unconstitutional under the Oregon Constitution.
St. Joseph v. Lackner
[1980] 106 Cal. App. 3d 542.
This was the first case interpreting the California fining statute for nursing homes.
St. Michael Conv. Hospital v. State of California
[1981] 643 F. 2d 1369.
This case challenged the disclosure of Medicare nursing home cost reports under the FOIA, a “reverse-FOIA” case.
In Re Effenbeck
[1988] 44 C. 3d 306.
Price v. Oregon State Board of Parole
[1985] 300 Or. 283.
Gibson v. Safeway Stores, Inc.
[1987] 88 Or App 306; 307 Or. 120 [1988] following Blacknall v. Westwood Corporation, 307 Or 113 [1988].
Other Professional and Community Activities:
Sisters of Mercy of Oregon
1987-1994. Member of the Board of Directors of the Sisters of Mercy of Oregon, a non-profit organization in Portland, Oregon.  The Sisters of Mercy was the operator of the largest private skilled nursing facility [Mt. St. Joseph] in the State of Oregon [over 300 beds].  
Mt. St. Joseph provided every level of care from residential care through subacute care; and operated the adjacent retirement facility for the sisters of Sisters of Mercy [Omaha Province].
Mr. Grover’s tenure as a Director included four years as the Chairman of the Board Finance Committee while a Board member and 18 months as Chairman of the Board Finance Committee after he left the Board of Directors.
As chairman, he was responsible for supervising
the financial affairs of corporation and its operations, including the facility.
Hospital Director
1989-1992. Member of the Board of Lockhart Community Hospital, Lockhart, Texas.  Lockhart Community Hospital was an acute hospital, that also provided subacute care in southeast Texas.
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